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Drink different, drink BB kombucha

At BB Kombucha, it's not beer we brew, but non-alcoholic fermented beverages, and mostly...kombucha 🙌🏼.
This drink is not a fruit juice, nor a lemonade, and even less an iced tea!

It is the product of fermenting a carefully selected blend of teas and unrefined sugar: at BB Kombucha, these ingredients are fair trade and organic. We have developed a know-how of alcohol-free fermentation in collaboration with a renowned laboratory. We have carefully selected our ferments to give our kombucha its unique and fruity taste. Thus, our kombuchas are unlike any other! ⚡️

Drink different, Drink BB Kombucha


BB Kombucha is a love story born in California that has become a project: that of making kombucha (and its virtues!) known to the French, and in particular in the Montpellier region where Brice, co-founder of BB Kombucha, grew up 🌴
It is today in Vailhauquès, at the gates of Montpellier, that the team has settled to brew its organic kombucha by hand 📍🇫🇷

Our fermented drinks

Our organic and artisanal kombuchas are flavored with fruits, flowers and spices... 🚫 No flavors or dyes with us, everything is natural. 🌿 The ingredients are all carefully selected because we care about producing quality drinks and because we believe it makes a difference. 

Based on our experience in the fermentation process, we have also developed a line of organic ginger beer. It is made from fresh ginger that we ferment for several weeks at the brewery: still no flavoring or coloring! This gives a powerful and full-flavored drink 🌈

Our fresh products (1-5°C) 

Kombucha raspberry, hibiscus & rose - 33 cL

Our kombucha flavored with raspberry puree, infused with hibiscus flowers and rosebuds. 100% natural, it promises a tangy and fruity experience.

Kombucha ginger & lemon grass - 33 cL

Our great classic flavored with fresh ginger juice from Peru and fresh lemongrass from Bouches du Rhones - It is the emblematic flavor of our range, there since the beginning of the adventure

kombucha pomegranate & red fruits - 33 cL

This kombucha is fruity and slightly astringent, flavored with pomegranate juice from Gard

Kombucha mango passion & turmeric - 33 cL

The tropics in a bottle! The flavor of this drink is based on the roundness of mango and the floral notes of passion fruit, enhanced by a woody touch of turmeric

Kombucha blueberry & verbena - 33 cL

Its all-natural purple color does not deceive on its composition: 100% wild blueberry puree. It owes its herbaceous character to verbena and its freshness to mint and will not leave us indifferent.

Our dry products 

Ginger Beer - 33 cL

Inspired by our native California, we concocted this alcohol-free, low-sugar ginger beer to accompany your aperitifs or to mix in your cocktails. Our ginger beer is made with fermented ginger, fresh ginger juice, lemon juice and cane sugar, and that's it!

Ginger Beer lime - 33 cL

The same recipe as our classic ginger beer with the addition of organic lime juice: the combination of the tartness of lime and the spiciness of ginger for a remarkable cocktail

Pasteurized kombucha hibiscus & pomelo - 33 cL

Brightly colored, and most importantly, totally natural, this kombucha is carried by tangy, floral notes that are sure to seduce you... The hibiscus flower infusion is accompanied by pomelo puree, fresh pomelo juice and even fresh pomelo zest for even more flavor ✨

Pasteurized kombucha ginger & lemon - 33 cL

A great classic, the ginger & lemon combo is still a must! This drink with spicy aromas is a real explosion of ginger, enhanced by the acidity of the yellow lemon ➡️ all coupled with the characteristic fermenting aromas of kombucha, to offer you a refreshing drink with character

Pasteurized kombucha mint & lime - 33 cL

Sweet mint leaves, lime juice... Doesn't it remind you of anything? It's a bit like our virgin mojito 🙌🏼 This kombucha recipe is remarkably fresh

Our large sizes

Kombucha Original - 1 L

Our natural kombucha! With its fruity notes, it tastes like a cider or a very light beer: your new daily favorite. No more needed !

Kombucha ginger & lemon grass - 1 L

Our great classic flavored with fresh organic ginger juice from Peru and fresh organic lemongrass from Bouches du Rhones - it is the emblematic flavor of our fresh range, there since the beginning of the BB adventure

Ginger beer - 1 L

Inspired by our native California, we concocted this alcohol-free, low-sugar ginger beer to accompany your aperitifs or to mix in your cocktails. Our ginger beer is made with fermented ginger, fresh ginger juice, lemon juice and cane sugar, and that's it!

Our values

Environmental awareness

Our bottles have many lives! We work with Oc'Consigne which allows our 1 liter bottles to be washed and reused! We hope to be able to switch our 33 cL bottles to deposit very soon!

The meticulous choice of ingredients for ethical and quality products

The ingredients we use the most are from fair trade - we favor short circuits when we can. They are all selected for their gustatory qualities and are certified 100% organic.

Commitment to causes we care about

At the end of the year, we donate part of the company's profits to associations that defend causes that are close to our hearts. In 2022, we donated 1000 € to the SPA of Montpellier.

The permanent renewal of our recipes

We like to make our range live and evolve with the seasons! To follow our recipe tests (more or less crazy...) and participate in the choice of recipes, follow us on our social networks 😉

Kombucha can be consumed at any time of the day! For us, it represents an excellent alternative to sodas and juice often sweetened, for a moment of hydration pleasure in the day, after sports for example 💦 It is also of the best effect after a big meal: to feel less heavy and facilitate digestion! It is also a festive, healthy and alcohol-free aperitif ideal for young and old alike 🎈 Moreover, there is something for every taste and we regularly renew our range to satisfy the whole family and to vary the pleasures 🌟 Natural, our kombucha takes on a little air of cider or very light beer (always alcohol-free of course!)

Finally, it's also an excellent mixology ingredient: our flavors make it possible to elaborate innovative and surprising cocktails with natural flavors 🍸

And it's not just us saying it! 

I tasted and I loved it ! Apple and spirulina... A real delight. Plus, it's good for the microbiota, which is essential for overall good health !!!! 🤗🤗🤗

Valérie N. 

An alternative that is both tasty and more responsible than regular sodas? This is what makes it so appealing, and what delights you at the end, as the product works both on the gustative and ethical levels. A very nice drink that will delight your taste buds for not much.


Our Kombucha supplier, our customers love them! The service is top notch 🧡 #goodvibesonly

Oh My Bowl Poké Bar (Montpellier)

Surprising drink! We love the strawberry mint ! To try and to adopt !

Fabien S.

Very good drink! Plus, it's healthy and kids love it.

Nicolas C. 

Light and delicious, natural drink. To be encouraged very strongly!!!

Agnès C. 


A question, a comment, a desire for kombucha? Do not hesitate to contact us!


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34570 Vailhauquès

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