What is kombucha ?

Kombucha is a sparkling beverage made from fermented tea, and flavored with fruits and herbs.
But it's much more than that!


Originating in ancient China, Kombucha is known as "the elixir of longevity". The culture has been shared and spread all over the world.


Created by a natural fermentation of tea with a culture of bacteria and yeast, each bottle contains millions of microorganisms, which work together to produce a probiotic, non-alcoholic beverage. Kombucha is a great low-sugar alternative to soda.


Our kombucha is lightly tart and fruity, with fine bubbles. The taste can be somewhat similar to beer or cider, due to the fermentation. We work to create unique flavors with different fruits and herbs to appeal to everyone. Kombucha is also a great cocktail mixer!


Brewed in small batches in our microbrewery, each step of our process is done by hand and with care. We work with the best available, high-quality ingredients that are 100% organic.              


Our flavors

It all begins with the choice of ingredients. Our kombucha starts with green and black teas, and cane sugar, all of which are organic and fair trade. We make an infusion of sweetened tea, and once it cools, we add our kombucha "mother".

The mother is actually a symbiosis of bacteria and yeast. It ferments the sugar, creating the special flavor, the bubbles, and the health benefits. This process yeilds a kombucha is low in sugar and caffeine, containing just trace amounts of alcohol.
We like to pay extra attention to our flavoring process in order to propose delicious, unique flavors. We use real fruit and herbs that are 100% organic. We never use aromas, preservatives, or additives!
We fill every bottle by hand! Everything at BB Kombucha is done with care by the two of us; the brewing process, the bottling, and the delivery!


Pineapple Lime Combava

The official flavour of summer ! We used to say that we "bottled the tropics". Its sweetness promise you an immediate boarding towards the islands 🌴


Raspberry Hibiscus

Flavoured with raspberry puree, real hibiscus flowers and our little secret touch that makes the difference. It promises you a tangy, fruity experience with floral notes 🌺


Ginger Lemongrass

Flavoured with fresh ginger juice that we process ourselves and fresh lemongrass. With its slightly spicy, lemony notes, it is sure to give you a kick ! It's also the signature flavour of our range, and we're very proud of it ⭐️


Pomegranate  and Red Fruits

It has a slight acidity counterbalanced by the sweetness of the red fruits. The result of this clever mix is a crazy freshness and a beautiful natural colour which will delight your eyes as much as your taste buds 😍


Mango Passionfruit Turmeric

The flavour of this drink is based on the sweetness of the mango combined with the florality of the passion fruit, and the whole thing is enhanced by a little touch of turmeric ☀️


Blueberry Verbana

Flavoured with wild blueberries puree, verbana and a secret touch made in BB Kombucha, it has a fruity, lemony and slightly herbaceous flavour that will certainly not leave you indifferent to its charm... 


Apple Mint Spirulina

Its ingredients are carefully selected : french green apple brings its tangy side while mint gives freshness to the whole. Finally, the spirulina gives this drink its characteristic beautiful green colour 💚


Ginger Lemongrass 1 L 

It's the same as her little sister but bottled in 1 L-bottle... because there's never enough of ginger and lemongrass kombucha, is there ?


Original 1 L 

Our natural kombucha, without flavouring ! The fermentation gives the characteristic taste, often with a hint of apple. Combined with the fizz of this drink, it can be reminiscent of a cider or even a very light beer 🍃


Ginger Beer

Ginger Beer is a non-alcoholic drink made from fermented ginger that gives a strong and spicy taste. It's a bold aperitif or an ideal mixology ingredient


Ginger Beer Mandarin / Lime 

In this version, we combined it with mandarin juice or lime juice for even more flavor, and guess what ? It's still great ! 


Mandarin Hops

It is made with Mosaic Hops, selected for its exotic aromas,  enhanced by the subtle hint of mandarin. A perfect non-alcoholic aperitif : the Kombuch'
Apéro 💃

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